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Syphilis STD Test Kit
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Test Kit Overview:

Test kit for rapid detection of antibodies of Treponema Pallidum (TP). One-step process for the determination of TP antibodies in whole blood delivered from a small finger prick. Test kit shows a control line if the test has been performed correctly, with a visible colored band in the Test area for a positive result.



Test Kit







Whole blood / Serum / Plasma


Type of Test




Field version: Buffer A, Buffer B, extraction tube, swab, 1 well cassette, pipette



Within 5 minutes











Shelf Life

24 months



Store at 4 ºC ~ 30 ºC in the sealed pouch up to the expiration date.



Syphilis is a highly contagious disease caused by bacteria called Treponema Pallidum. It’s primarily spread through sexual activity. Occasionally the disease can be spread through prolonged kissing or close bodily contact as well. The disease is spread via sores that vastly go unnoticed by the infected party. Many people are unaware they even have the disease when they transmit it to others. There were over 60,000 new cases reported in 2014. Left untreated syphilis can cause serious permanent problems, these include: problems with the heart, brain, and nerves that result in dementia, blindness, deafness, impotence and death if not treated.

There are 3 distinct stages of syphilis. People with primary syphilis will develop one or more sores which are usually small painless ulcers. They occur on the genitals or in or around the mouth somewhere between 10 to 90 days after exposure. Even without treatment they heal without a scar within 6 weeks. The secondary stage may last anywhere from 1 to 3 months and usually begins 6 weeks to 6 months after exposure. People with secondary syphilis experience a rash typically on the palms of their hands and soles of their feet but rashes can occur on other parts of the body as well. They may also experience moist warts in the groin, white patches on the inside of the mouth, swollen lymph glands, fever, and weight loss. Like primary syphilis secondary syphilis will resolve without treatment, the third stage of syphilis it latent. During this phase the infection lies dormant without causing symptoms.

Pregnant women with syphilis have a good chance of having a still birth or giving birth to a baby that is infected without symptoms but will develop them within weeks. In this case signs and symptoms can be very serious. Untreated babies may become developmentally delayed, have seizures, or die.

There is a very simple and effective test that can be taken to diagnose Syphilis. This can be ordered online by following the link below then shipped directly to you for use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

If you have been infected for less than 1 year then a single dose of penicillin is usually enough to destroy the infection. (If there’s an allergy to penicillin antibiotic options are available). If you are in a later stage of disease, more doses will be needed. Syphilis is a curable disease with prompt diagnosis and treatment. However, if treated too late, there may be permanent damage to the heart and brain even after the infection is destroyed.

To prevent syphilis you should avoid intimate contact with a person you know is infected and if you do not know that a sexual partner is not infected then you should use a condom every single time you have sex.



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